Bartonville residents asked to take survey

The Town of Bartonville is looking for feedback from its residents in the form of a survey that will hit mailboxes this month.

In July, the town council appointed a committee comprised of Mayor Pro Tem Farrell, Councilmember Langford, and former councilmembers Bill Reaves and Jim Foringer to explore options for a citizen survey. Three companies were originally identified to conduct a professional survey with fees ranging up to $10,000.

As an alternative, staff applied for— and the town was accepted into– a program through the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) as part of the Institute of Urban Affairs Capstone program.

Four MBA students have been assigned to provide the same services as a professional survey company, without the expense.  The only expense to the town will be postage.

According to town officials, the intent of the survey is to determine the community’s perception and attitudes regarding a number of town-related topics such as: quality of life; town services; and, future economic development.  These– and a few other community-related topics– will help the town plan for its future.

The topics were formulated by the students after meeting with committee representatives and a focus group comprised of citizens selected by different demographics and living in different areas of town.

The survey will be mailed this month to each registered voter in Bartonville. Surveys should arrive in mailboxes no later than October 20. Reminder/follow up postcards will be sent on or around Oct 26 and Nov. 2.

It is expected the survey will take no longer than 10 to 12 minutes to complete. The survey will be mailed from and returned to UTA.

In an effort to collect as many opinions as possible, all recipients are encouraged to send the completed survey by Nov. 16. All surveys received by the town after that date will not be used.

It’s expected UTA will present the results at the December Town Council meeting.

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