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My opponent, Joy Bowen, wants this election to be about gas drilling. That’s right, the issue that ripped Flower Mound apart in 2010, and stalled our growth until last year’s election.

Over the past week, Mrs. Bowen has put out incorrect statements about my role in the Bridlewood Golf Club drilling issue. My Bridlewood neighbors received a mailer and a flier with false statements that are proven wrong by reading the HOA’s meeting minutes and our HOA’s rules.

The question is why? Disappointingly, Mrs. Bowen seems more interested in winning this election than the truth.  If Flower Mound or my neighborhood is damaged in the process, that seems to be fine with Mrs. Bowen.

My position on Flower Mound’s Oil and Gas Ordinances is very simple: I fully support them and will do everything necessary to protect them. 

And as I have stated on numerous occasions, any responsible leader in Flower Mound would do the same. Flower Mound is rebuilding from the damage caused when gas drilling ripped us apart in 2010. I have no interest in seeing this community, one that I’ve helped guide and build with my 10 years of civic involvement, go back to those turbulent times. 

While watching this election unfold, I was surprised that Mrs. Bowen selected “gas drilling” as her final “zinger” going into Election Day. She has expressed three different opinions on gas drilling in just the last month.

First, on April 4th, she wanted to encourage gas drilling, and stated that it should be treated like any other development since it is great source of income for our Town, then on April 20th she stated her support of our existing gas ordinances (please note: drilling has unique conditions and is not treated like any other development), and now, in comments given to a blog, she stated that the ordinances need to be strengthened. Mrs. Bowen has not shared the specific reasons for these drastic changes in her position on this highly-charged Flower Mound issue. 

Mrs. Bowen is determined to ignore the truth about the past in order to support her candidacy.  If you are interested in the truth, please see the FAQ portion of my website Or even better, just call and we can discuss the issue.

Please join me in telling Joy Bowen that Flower Mound is moving forward, and to do that we cannot be dragged back to the divisiveness of 2010.

I ask for your vote on May 11th.  A vote for Mike Walker is a vote for continuing to move Flower Mound forward in a positive, reasonably balanced way.

Michael J. Walker
Candidate for Flower Mound Town Council, Place 1
Flower Mound, TX


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