Moms meet the needs of our community’s children

The holiday season has come and gone; new memories created, gifts given and received, an abundance of food and drink shared, and many blessings counted.  The holidays keep all we have to be grateful for in perspective, and in that awareness, many share what they can with others.  Whether giving with their time, their hearts or their wallets, a plentiful of gifts is given to those in need.  Now, we welcome a new year with excitement and anticipation of what is to come, but with this sense of refreshment, we cannot lose sight of the need that continues.

Mission Moms, founded and facilitated by Kathryn Flores, is committed to ensuring that struggling families in our community are not forgotten in this new year.  Started just a few months ago when a simple need by a local student was brought to the attention of Kathryn, she quickly realized the greater concerns plaguing many in the community. A mom of two boys, Kathryn, and her husband Joe, recognize the many blessings bestowed upon their family, and also recognize the responsibility of those who are able to give and provide for people facing hardship. 

Demonstrating the immense need for an organization of this kind, Mission Moms has taken on a life of its own in just the few months since its inception.  This past Thanksgiving, Mission Moms delivered more than 60 turkey dinners to local families.  Initially planning on helping families in Lantana’s elementary schools, more resources became available and they were able to extend further.  Through the relationship of Lantana’s E.P. Rayzor Elementary counselor Melanie Stolfus with Denton’s Frank Borman Elementary school counselor Marti Couch, Mission Moms help feed more children than they had hoped.

Exceeding the organization’s goals fueled the fire, and Mission Moms began steadfastly working on the first ever Christmas Kindness Program. Christmas Kindness started again with a vision…to bring the magic of Christmas to identified children within our schools that would otherwise not have gifts to open.  Mission Moms held a gift wrapping rally at Lantana Country Club on Dec. 18th. Hundreds of families came to donate and wrap gifts for the cause.  The energy in the room was amazing!  Due to the out-pouring of support from individuals, businesses, charitable organizations, and school faculty, Mission Moms helped create a memorable Christmas for 233 families (far exceeding the original goal of 126 families).  This program is not just about donating gifts, but about teaching children the importance of giving, being thankful for all they have, and creating more responsible and aware adults.  The children giving the gifts, and those receiving, enjoyed bright smiles this Christmas, and certainly created an unforgettable holiday.

Flores will be tackling even more in 2013 utilizing her social media skills, her personal and professional relationships, the willingness of caring businesses and individuals, as well as her determination and giving heart, to make a greater impact this year.  There are many unmet needs within the elementary and middle schools, and Mission Moms is committed to meeting these needs.  Flores has discovered programs already implemented in other districts that she would love to apply in Denton ISD.  One such program which provides healthy snacks like granola bars on Friday evenings to children who otherwise may not eat well over the weekend.

Mission Moms is actively working to obtain 501c3 status so those donating can claim tax deductions for their contributions, and has also already been contacted to branch out into other towns.  Kathryn is thrilled and excited to build Mission Moms even larger, and is taking it step by step to ensure that it does.  Whatever this year holds, Kathryn Flores and Mission Moms promises that the needs of our community’s children will not be overlooked!

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