Double Oak Police Calls

Recent calls reported by the Double Oak Police Department:

10-22-2012  5:23 a.m. – Suspicious Circumstances – 300 blk. Whispering Oaks Dr., Double Oak – An officer was dispatched to a suspicious vehicle.  Upon further investigation it was determined that the paper delivery person’s vehicle had overheated and they were waiting for it to cool off before proceeding.

10-23-2012  6:38 p.m. – Solicitor Complaint – 300 blk. East Carruth Ln., Double Oak – A resident reported a solicitor.  Solicitor was gone upon officer arrival.

10-24-2012  2:10 p.m. – Criminal Mischief – 100 blk. Chapel Hill Dr., Double Oak – A resident reported that their mailbox had been run over by an unknown vehicle.

10-25-2012  5:32 a.m. – Building Alarm – 8100 blk. Justin Rd., Double Oak – Officer responded to a business alarm and made contact with the key holder.  No offense was committed.

10-26-2012  3:58 p.m. – Assist Agency (Alarm) – 1600 blk. Barrington Hills Blvd., Bartonville – Double Oak Officer assisted Bartonville  PD with investigation of an alarm call and an unsecure residence.

10-31-2012  2:14 p.m. – Assist Agency (Alarm) – 7500 blk. Justin Rd., Bartonville – Double Oak Officer assisted with traffic control while Bartonville PD conducted a traffic accident investigation.

11-01-2012  4:16 p.m. – Suspicious Circumstances – Chinn Chapel and Waketon Rd., Double Oak – Patrol Officer received a report of an adult male who seemed lost or confused and wearing an excessive amount of heavy clothing for the weather.   Officer searched the area and was unable to locate the subject.

11-03-2012  6:53 p.m. – Ordinance Violation – 800 blk. Cross Timbers Dr., Double Oak – Officer responded to a parking complaint.

11-05-2012  1:30 p.m. – Open Door – 200 blk. Whistling Duck Ln., Double Oak – Officers responded at the request of a caller who found an unsecure residence.  Officer searched the building and made contact with a resident of the house.  No crime was detected.

11-06-2012  11:58 a.m. – Structure Fire – 100 blk. Fox Trot Ln., Double Oak – Report of minor fire caused by overheated dryer.

11-06-2012  2:57 p.m. – Ordinance Violation (Loose Dogs) – 200 blk. Simmons, Double Oak – Officers notified of and searched for loose dogs in the vicinity of N. Simmons and Carruth Estates.

11-07-2012  2:35 p.m. – Residential Alarm – 1200 blk. Glenview Ln., Bartonville – Double Oak PD dispatched on alarm call with an open garage door.  Officer found no sign of forced entry or theft.  Officer secured the residence.

11-08-2012  4:00 a.m. – Residential Alarm – 8700 blk. Westin Ln., Lantana – Double Oak Officer responded to an alarm call in Lantana.  Officers searched the house at the resident’s request.  No evidence of criminal activity was found.

11-08-2012  2:51 p.m. – Ordinance Violation (Soliciting Without A Permit) – 100 blk. Tanglewood Dr., Double Oak – Solicitor stopped from going door to door without a permit and instructed on obtaining a permit through Town Hall.

11-09-2012  11:36 p.m. – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – 400 blk. Waketon, Double Oak – During the conduct of a traffic stop Officer determined the driver to be operating a motor vehicle without a valid license and found a passenger with drug paraphernalia.

11-10-2012  11:29 a.m. – Welfare Concern – 7200 blk. Justin Rd., Bartonville – Report of juveniles playing on traffic barricades.

11-11-2012  7:43 p.m. – Disturbance – 1300 blk. Meadows, Lantana – Double Oak provided assistance to Denton County Deputy during investigation of a disturbance.  No enforcement action taken.

11-11-2012  7:55 p.m. – Alarm – 700 blk. Sheldon, Lantana – Officer responded to an alarm call.  No criminal activity detected.

11-12-2012  12:40 a.m. – Ordinance Violation (Loose Dogs) – 300 blk. East Carruth Ln., Double Oak – Officer notified of two large dogs running loose in the 300 blk. of East Carruth Lane.  A citation was issued for animal at large.

11-14-2012  7:47 p.m. – Animal Call – 200 blk. Green Ridge., Double Oak – Citizen reported what sounded like an injured dog barking.  Officer was unable to locate the animal.

11-15-2012  6:14 p.m. – Disturbance – 1200 blk. Foster St., Lantana – Double Oak and Bartonville Officers responded to a report of an adult female being asked to leave her parent’s residence.

11-16-2012  10:49 a.m. – Alarm – 100 blk. Shady Oaks Ln., Double Oak – Officer responded to an alarm and conducted a walk-through for the homeowner.  No criminal activity was detected.

11-16-2012  3:15 p.m. – Alarm – 100 blk. Victory Ln., Double Oak – Residents accidentally triggered alarm on a vacant house while peering through the windows. 

11-17-2012  11:17 a.m. – Found Dog – 5000 blk. Shiloh Rd., Flower Mound – Officer found a Great Dane that had escaped from its home.  An owner was located and the dog was returned.

11-17-2012  3:52 p.m. – Alarm – 100 blk. Forest Park Dr., Double Oak – A resident accidentally triggered their alarm.

11-17-2012  3:14 a.m. – DWI Arrest – 100 blk. F.M. 407, Argyle – Double Oak assisted Argyle PD with a motorist who appeared to be asleep behind the steering wheel of a vehicle at a stop light.  Upon further investigation the motorist was taken into custody for Driving While Intoxicated.

11-19-2012  7:22 p.m. – Disturbance – 800 blk. Rockgate, Bartonville – Parent was involved in a disturbance with an adult child.  Information about the appropriate civil process was provided to the complainant.

11-20-2012  9:17 p.m. – Disturbance – 200 blk. Oak Trail, Double Oak – A report of loud music coming from a garage.  Homeowner arrived during the investigation of the call and voluntarily turned the music down.

11-23-2012  8:54 a.m. – Alarm – 200 blk. Timberleaf Dr., Double Oak – Officer searched a residence at the request of the homeowner.  No evidence of criminal activity was detected.

11-23-2012  7:07 p.m. – Traffic Accident – 7000 blk. F.M. 407, Denton County – Double Oak Officer assisted with traffic control at the request of Denton County Sheriff’s Office.

11-23-2012  4:21 a.m. – Electrical Fire – 6200 blk. Pepperport Ln., Double Oak – Officer was dispatched to a possible electrical fire which, upon further investigations, was an arcing electrical transformer.  Double Oak Fire Department responded and police remained on scene until arrival of the power company.

11-24-2012  2:16 p.m. – Reckless Driver – 400 blk. Simmons Rd., Double Oak – Multiple callers reported a motorist driving recklessly.  Officer patrolled the area and issued one citation.

11-24-2012  6:50 p.m. – Suspicious Vehicle – 100 blk. Hidden Oaks Dr., Bartonville – Officer responded to a report of an unknown vehicle parked in a neighbors drive while the owner was on vacation.  Further investigation determined that the car belonged to a neighbor.

11-25-2012  2:48 p.m. – Traffic Control – 1400 blk. Jeter, Bartonville – Officer assisted with traffic control during a motorcycle benefit ride, “Coats for Kids”.

11-25-2012  10:13 p.m. – Driving While Intoxicated – 100 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak – During the investigation of a traffic stop for speeding an adult male driver was suspected of being intoxicated on alcohol and arrested for DWI.

11-26-2012  2:13 p.m. – Alarm – 300 blk. Oakview Dr., Double Oak – During the investigation of a residential alarm call officer found multiple windows that had been left open.  Officers found no evidence of criminal activity.

11-27-2012  2:32 a.m. – Medical Call – 700 blk. McMakin Rd., Bartonville – Offic
er was first available unit for a medical call in Bartonville.  Complainant had fallen and required assistance.  Officer remained on scene until Argyle Fire Department transported.

11-28-2012  11:30 p.m. – Medical Call – 100 blk. I35W, Northlake – Officers responded to reports of a woman passed out in her car.  Complainant was transported to the hospital.

11-30-2012  2:23 a.m. – Traffic Accident – 500 blk. E. Jeter, Bartonville – Officer responded to a motorcycle verses cow accident.  Rider and cow were both okay.  No mooving citations were issued.

11-30-2012  3:47 p.m. – Alarm – 100 blk. Lake Trail Dr., Double Oak – Officers searched the exterior of a residence and found no evidence of criminal activity.

11-30-2012  4:23 p.m. – Identity Theft – 200 blk. Timberleaf Dr., Double Oak – Complainant reported that their identity had been stolen and used to engage in financial transactions.

12-01-2012  7:36 a.m. – Suspicious Activity – 900 blk. Cross Timbers Dr., Double Oak – Officer responded to a call of an unknown male walking a dog and “flipping off” passing cars.  Officer was unable to locate the suspect.

12-02-2012  10:18 p.m. – Disturbance – 100 blk. La Vista Ln., Double Oak – Minor disturbance between parents and adult child.

12-03-2012  9:00 p.m. – Alarm – 800 blk. Dove Creek Rd., Bartonville – A citizen reported that an unknown person was in their home.  Officers searched the residence and were unable to find a suspect.

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