Double Oak Police Calls

Recent calls reported by the Double Oak Police Department:

08-09-2011  3:48 p.m. – Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information – 100 blk. Knob Hill – A citizen reported that one of their checks had been stolen and recovered out of state by another law enforcement agency.

08-09-2011  5:42 p.m. – Medical Assist – 100 blk. Tanglewood Ln. – A Double Oak resident found a disoriented person, overcome by heat, laying near their fence.  Subject was transported to the hospital.

08-09-2011  8:49 p.m. – Criminal Trespass – 100 blk. Oakview Dr. – A resident reported hearing unknown footsteps inside their house during the night.  Resident was unable to find any items missing from their home.

08-10-2011  9:58 a.m. – Missing Person – 100 blk. Highview Dr. – A citizen reported one of their family members as missing and they were concerned about their safety.  The family member later returned home.

08-11-2011  9:58  a.m. – Animal Complaint – 100 blk. Timberleaf Ct. – Multiple citizens reported a young deer in their neighborhood and in their backyard.  A homeowner left their fence gate open and the deer eventually departed.

08-11-2011  2:32 p.m. – Gas Leak – 100 blk. Kings Rd. – Officers assisted Fire Department with traffic control due to a gas line rupture at a house that was under construction.

08-11-2011  3:15 p.m. – Missing Dogs – 100 blk. Oakview Dr. – A citizen reported his lab and beagle missing.  Animals were later located by a neighbor.

08-12-2011  2:28 p.m. – Minor Accident – 100 blk. Simmons – A delivery truck accidentally rolled into a fence causing damage.

08-12-2011  11:30 p.m. – Assist Agency – 1500 blk. Post Oak Ln., Bartonville – A Double Oak Officer assisted Bartonville PD with an investigation into a suspicious vehicle that was broken down in a residential neighborhood.

08-13-2011  1:08 a.m. – Assist Agency – 1800 blk. FM 407 E, Bartonville – Double Oak PD assisted Bartonville PD on an alarm call that also involved a broken front door.  Officers cleared the business building and processed a crime scene for evidence.

08-16-2011  1:10 p.m. – Solicitor Complaint – 100 blk. Cedarcrest – Solicitor was contacted for going door to door without a permit.

08-16-2011  9:55 p.m. – Assist Agency – 700 blk. Manor Rd. – Double Oak Officer assisted Argyle PD with a Burglary In Progress investigation.

08-17-2011  11:45 a.m. – Assist FD – 200 blk. Oaktrail Dr. – Officers responded to a medical assist call with the fire department.

08-17-2011  6:26 p.m. – Assist Agency – 7000 blk. Justin Rd., Denton Cnty. – Double Oak Officer assisted Cnty. with traffic control at the scene of a major accident.

08-18-2011  8:00 a.m. – Littering – 100 blk. Lake Trail Dr. – A homeowner reported an unknown person threw alcohol bottles and trash into multiple yards.


08-19-2011  6:19 p.m. – Suspicious Person – 200 blk. Whistling Duck – A citizen reported an unknown male walking through their neighborhood.  Officer was unable to locate anyone matching the description.

08-19-2011  9:00 p.m. – Assist Agency – 1000 blk. Timber Ridge Ln., Bartonville – Double Oak PD assisted Bartonville PD with investigation of a disturbance.

08-21-2011  1:20 a.m. – Assist Agency – 800 blk. Prairie Trl., Denton Cnty. – Double Oak Officer assisted Denton County Deputy with disturbance at a residence.

08-21-2011  7:59 p.m. – Reckless Driver – 700 blk. Simmons Rd. – A citizen reported a motorist driving recklessly on Simmons Rd., speeding and knocking over cones.  The responding officer was unable to locate the suspect SUV.

08-21-2011 10:12 p.m. – Audible Alarm – 100 blk. Lake Trail Dr. – A citizen reported an audible alarm in their neighborhood.  Officer did not locate any criminal activity.

08-22-2011  8:22 p.m. – Suspicious Activity – 100 blk. Simmons Rd. – A citizen reported an unknown person opening a fire hydrant.  Officer met with the unknown person who was part of a construction crew that had just installed a new water line and was testing the pressure.  Officer made contact with the Complainant and cleared the call.

08-22-2011  7:44 p.m. – Missing Juvenile – 100 blk. N. Woodland Trl. – An officer responded to a report of a missing child.  The child was found at a friend’s house by the parents.

08-23-2011  8:40 a.m. – Criminal Mischief – 100 blk. Carruth Ln. W. – Complainant reported that her mailbox had been struck by an unknown vehicle.  Officers found witnesses, who had been working on a nearby roof, who provided information leading to a grey Chevy Tahoe.  Contact was made with the driver of the vehicle who had been unaware that the mailbox had been damaged.

08-23-2011  7:47 p.m. – Criminal Mischief – 3900 blk. Chapel Ct. – Unknown person(s) scratched a vulgarity into Complainant’s vehicle bumper and noticed approximately six holes drilled into his boat motor.

08-24-2011  4:40 p.m. – Credit Card Abuse – 400 blk. Simmons Rd. – A former employee stole a credit card from the Complainant and proceeded to use it without permission.

08-26-2011  10:36 p.m. – Assist Agency – 3700 blk. Landseer Dr., Copper Canyon – Double Oak Officer assisted Denton County Deputy with a burglary in progress call.  Officers cleared the residence and an outer building but did not locate a suspect.

08-27-2011  11:38 p.m. – Motorist Assist – 500 blk. Waketon Rd. – Officer helped a motorist move their stranded vehicle off of the road.

08-29-2011  9:27 a.m. – Alarm / Open Door – 100 blk. Forest Park Ln. – Officer found an open door while responding to a residential alarm call.  No evidence of criminal activity was found.

08-30-2011  11:19 p.m. – Assist Agency / Prowler Call – 700 blk. Cheryl Lynn, Argyle – Double Oak PD assisted with investigation of a prowler call at a residence that had been the site of a disturbance earlier in the day.

09-01-2011  10:37 p.m. – Assist Agency / Disturbance Call – 1200 blk. FM 407 – Assisted Argyle with investigation of a disturbance by acting as “cover” officer.


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