Local woman places in Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant

The 2011 Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant was held on August 13th in Dallas and one of the top-placing contestants was none other than our very own Sheila Klein from Highland Village.

It was all about sincere and “meaningful loveliness.”  And Sheila, who is 61 years “young” was the 3rd Runner Up. 

“Sheila didn’t win, but none the less, she is still a winner in life,” said Mary Frances, Director and Pageant Coordinator. 

“I tell all the contestants they’re all winners in life. If they don’t win, it doesn’t matter.  They all have a purpose in life, exemplary character and an inner beauty-and that’s what makes them winners.”

“Sheila’s  volunteer work and her Philosophy of life Statement were quite insightful as to her excellent character and inner beauty. And she was poised and lovely in her Interview phase and Evening Gown presentation.  Her talent was tap dancing and she danced superbly to “Against the Grain.”

“Like all the contestants, Sheila upheld the purpose of what the senior pageant and senior women are all about. The goal of our pageant is to empower and enrich the lives of our seniors-and we are re-defining the Senior Woman.  Our pageant re-defines the Senior Woman in the 21st century by drawing attention to their capabilities and achievements”

This is shown by the pageant focusing on the contestants “inner beauty” and exemplary character and by focusing on all the good deeds and volunteering that these special contestants contribute to society.  The “key” message of the pageant shows the Senior Woman’s positive impact on society.

Texas Governor Rick Perry summed up the essence of the goals of the Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant in his “2011 Greeting” in the Pageant Book, by stating that “it honors inner beauty by focusing on good works and volunteerism.”

Ms. Hansen, who is 74 years “young” explained, “We give The Mary Frances Hansen Community Service award to the contestant who does outstanding volunteer work.  We had so many wonderful contestants this year that for the first time we gave an Honorable Mention and that went to Carol Swanson from Tyler.”

“The committee chose Mary Eleanor Nguyen from Garland for the Mary Frances Hansen Community Service Award because of all her exemplary volunteerism with the military and what she’s done to help them.  She’s absolutely amazing.  In fact, her talent ties in with all her good works.  She did a Tai Chi demonstration and Tai Chi benefits mental and physical health.”

To highlight some of Ms. Nguyen ‘s good works, she dedicated herself to the military in many ways.  She is a volunteer surgical nurse, the Director of Counseling/U.S. Wounded Soldiers Foundation (conducted 17 retreats for military couples post combat deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan).  She has given well over 2,500 plus volunteer hours this year alone.

Briana, Mary Frances’ 11 year old granddaughter, gives her impression of this award.  She said, “ I thought those people who won the award must be really good people , since they helped out in the community-because it’s a big job to help in the community.”

The winner of the 2011 Ms. Texas Senior America was Debbie Carroll-Boyce from Frisco who is 60 years “young.”   Debbie is going on to compete in the national 2011 Ms. Senior America Pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey in October.

The 1st Runner-up was Jo Anne McMeans from Tyler.  The 2nd Runner-up was Olyve Hallmark Abbott from Fort Worth.   Ms. Congeniality was Vicki Woodlee from Mesquite. 

Sheila Klein commented on her pageant experience and said, “It was a lot of fun.  We weren’t like competitors, but more like a sister-hood. There was a lot of camaraderie between the other contestants, since we all want to get the message out that senior women rock and that you can still contribute to society.  As a result, I made a lot of friends and we shared family stories.   It was a great experience and we even have our own Facebook Page.”

To conclude, if you can make it, we look forward to seeing you at next year’s 2012 Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant to welcome and honor the Senior Woman’s  “ inner beauty”  and positive impact on today’s society.

And a message for all of you ladies – 60 years “young” or more:  if the goals of the Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant appeal to you, do not hesitate to apply to enter our 2012 senior pageant. Who knows, you might be the next winner who promotes healthy aging, dignity, and the value of our Senior Women!  It’s a great fun experience.  You will meet new people, will be an inspiration to your peers, and will set an example to your children and grandchildren or even your great grandchildren, as well as to other citizens of all ages. So, come and participate in the event next year and “strut your stuff!”

Highland Village resident Donna Batista served as a volunteer for the Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant.{jcomments off}

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