Mr. Smith goes to town hall

Local business owner Matt Smith shocked the town of Argyle Saturday by winning a three-way race for mayor against two-term incumbent Greg Landrum and long-time council member Dona Schroetke.

Smith took 51 percent of the vote with 253 of 493 ballots cast. Landrum had 32 percent and Schroetke trailed with 16 percent of the vote.

Smith, who said that he ran to “end the current corruption at town hall”, was taking heat from opponents about his police record, which includes a driving while intoxicated charge from this past January.  A hearing on the charge is set for this Wednesday in Denton.

When notified that he had won the mayor’s seat Saturday night by The Cross Timbers Gazette, Smith seemed surprised and said that he wanted to “enjoy the moment with his family right now”, and would comment on the victory later. Read more about Smith’s background and platform here.

Runner up Dona Schroetke said Saturday night that it was “too bad that somebody would just plain lie about people in order to get elected and hide behind a malicious, illegal website ( to do his dirty work for him.”

“He called me and other town leaders corrupt and still hasn’t substantiated his allegations.  I will put my record up against his every time and refute every one his lies with facts.”

Another newcomer, David Wintermute, silenced the town with a win over incumbent Place 2 Town Council member Wayne Holt.

Wintermute, a former Marine, had told local media outlets before the election that he would help recruit new businesses to town, lower taxes, build recreational centers, and add parks.

Bonny Haynes, who ran unopposed, will serve another term on council in Place 4.

Voters also approved the re-authorization of one quarter percent of the local sales and use tax to continue providing revenue for maintenance and repair of town streets.

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