Sunday, September 25, 2022

Airport scanners no big deal

We heard a lot of fuss prior to the Thanksgiving crush at the airport.  There were many tales of planned protests guaranteeing to delay the holiday traveler.  I’m happy that they did not materialize and I want to throw my two cents in. 

Before I retired I spent a lot of time on airplanes.  When one travels a lot, you learn the ropes.  What to do and what not to do in order to arrive on time safely.  The year before I retired I had a knee replacement.  Traveling with a metal knee means that EVERY time I went through the scanner it would alarm.  If it didn’t alarm, I knew that the scanner was probably not plugged in. 

After the terrorist attack in New York the scanners always alarmed and I was always patted down.  My carry-on baggage sat somewhere while a nice person from TSA faithfully carried out his responsibilities.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to fly with an armed terrorist on board.  It was irksome but I considered it necessary because I wanted to fly.  Somehow, I never lost valuables from my carry-on luggage during the process.

Recently, on my last two flights I was able to be scanned by the new scanners that some consider an invasion of privacy.  For me, it was a big relief.  I have a metal knee on both sides now.  Scanning with the new machine was quick, painless and I was able to grab my carryon luggage and move on to the gate much quicker than in the bad old full pat down days.  It couldn’t have been smoother or quicker.

Somewhere in the back room someone is looking at my scan.  I’m very sure that I show more skin showering at the YMCA.  I’m with the majority that says that scanning doesn’t bother us.  But in America, the minority opinion still counts.  If a person doesn’t want the new scanner or the now very intrusive pat down I guess he should join the group that is afraid to fly and take the bus or train.  I don’t make the rules but I’d rather not fly with people not thoroughly screened.

I did see one suggestion on the web.  The idea was to install booths that would detonate any hidden explosives.  It would make cleanup a chore but would also make an extra seat available for a non-terrorist.  On the bright side, no one could be charged with profiling.  If you explode with your underwear no other ID is necessary.

Dick Cook
Double Oak, TX

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