Saturday, November 26, 2022

59 and Fabulous – From Size 8 to 4 in Six Weeks

I woke up one morning and felt that time had gotten away from me.  It seemed like suddenly my body shape and energy level was not what it used to be. Where did the years and fit body go?  My balance was off, I wasn’t running with my grandchildren (or children) anymore. Picking them up and swirling them around and wrestling with them on the ground seemed like a distant memory.

When I looked in the mirror, the healthy glow in my skin was gone.  I missed looking and feeling youthful.  I not only wanted a better and firmer body, but I wanted the strength and confidence I had in my twenties and thirties and even forties. I decided to be on a mission to change.  I wanted to transform myself inside and out! 

NOW was the time to be all that I could ever be, after all, my 60th birthday was right around the corner and while I was healthy, I knew I could achieve better health, energy and greater physical fitness.

I reached the point where I no longer wanted to tolerate the lack of firmness of my body, the loss of muscle tone, shortness of breath when climbing stairs or the loss of balance when I walked.  I wanted to be the best 59-year-old I could!

I looked at several gyms and then I noticed the Argyle Boot Camp advertisement. I thought, how interesting, finally a group of ladies who will work out outside in the morning with not only just a fitness trainer, but one of the top trainers in the country, Kelli Calabrese!  A trainer who understands, practices and teaches us daily about nutritional values to keep us all healthy. Yes, Kelli truly cares about our health and our fitness!

So I took the plunge and joined the Argyle Boot Camp. I always knew that outside activities are a thousand times better than being in a gym on a daily basis.  I knew I would be around other ladies who also wanted to accomplish the same thing.  After all, who else would start their mornings so early? 

Driving there the first morning, I was concerned I would be with all these fit beautiful ladies and I would never keep up! To my surprise there were ladies of all shapes, sizes and abilities and everyone was very friendly.  Keeping up was never a problem.  I could not believe that in three weeks of boot camp, I was becoming firmer and finally had a healthy outlet for my stress.  I walked taller and faster than usual, and in six weeks I lost 6 pounds and several inches from all over my body.  Friends and family could not believe the transition, including how great my skin looked from eating properly and outdoor exercise.  My body was loving a daily supply of oxygen from being outside.

I went from a size 8 to a size 4 in six weeks.  I can’t encourage you enough to just take the plunge like I did and sign up.  Kelli supports us with daily e-mails and once you understand how your body works and what to eat, you don’t want to disappoint yourself or Kelli.  Kelli coaches you to be the best you can be inside and out. I am achieving my goal and I am the best that I can be!  That’s powerful!

Kelli Calabrese is an inspiration to everyone wanting physical betterment.  Join in now at to start your Adventure.  Spring is the perfect time to join the men’s or women’s camps.  In four weeks you can be down a size and feel great in your clothes.  If you have been sitting back watching the others get fit, your time has come.  I feel great and you can too!

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