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Creating the ultimate man cave

Ever dreamed of having your own space to retreat to? A place to crack open a few cold ones while watching the game? If so, you’re not alone. Forty percent of homeowners now have what’s often referred to as a “man cave” in their home, while another 13 percent plan to add one soon. But creating the ultimate man cave means paying attention to all the small details. Here are some key man cave design tips for creating the ultimate space:


Consider the practicalities of the space size and how to convert it long before you start adorning the walls with old football jerseys and vintage guitars. Garages make excellent man caves as they usually offer more space than a guest bedroom, making it easier to accommodate custom furniture options such as poker and pool tables, or gaming chairs. If you decide to convert your garage, think about adding strong and resilient flooring as well as some kind of insulation.


Whatever space you’re converting to the man cave often means changing details such as lighting and wall color. If you’re hoping to “plug in and tune out” in your converted garage, you’ll want to check that you have enough electrical outlets to accommodate all the things that need it, such as TV’s, a refrigerator or gaming console.


Your “mantuary” should be a place you feel comfortable in, whether you’re chilling alone or hanging out with friends, or hosting a family game night. If you plan on dedicating some serious time to gaming in your man cave, a comfortable computer chair, gaming desk, and other accessories can make those Xbox marathons a lot easier on your body.


A man cave offers a designated space for relaxation and a space that reflects your personality. It is the perfect space to display your collections of sports memorabilia or movie posters.

When you have a well-designed man cave, you can look forward to a whole new sense of freedom and relaxation. While considering color palettes, flooring options, and electrical outlets can be tedious, this meticulous planning will be worth it when you’re enjoying your new space.

Want more information about giving your man cave the best foundation possible? Feel free to get in touch with us at Garage Force to discuss all your flooring options.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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