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Concrete Floor Coating: What do I do with so many choices?

Property owners spend nearly $23 billion a year on concrete coating for flooring. Manufacturers continually create durable, great-looking concrete coatings, making it challenging to figure out the right concrete coating for your home or business.

Over the last decade, the popularity of concrete floor coating has increased considerably. The industry has responded with continuous innovation to meet market demands. With so many choices, choosing the right concrete coating can get confusing.

Each project requires different concrete coating systems to achieve the result desired by the property owner. Some projects may require a combination of coatings for the same concrete floor. It can prove overwhelming. A professional concrete coating installer can help you choose the right solution for your space.

Basecoat is the foundation for any solution you choose. It’s important that the basecoat creates a strong bond with the concrete and is pliable enough to withstand the natural expansion and contraction that happens with concrete.

Topcoat is the part of concrete coating you see every day. It’s the part of the concrete coating that makes your flooring look outstanding. The right topcoat will repel oil, gas, grease—and even salt. It’s vital to choose a coating system with a durable topcoat.

Installation: No property owner wants to go without the use of their space while waiting for concrete coating to dry. Make sure to discuss with your installer the installation process and when you can begin to use your space.

Full Chip concrete coating is a popular choice for protecting concrete. It cures in as little as 24 hours and has a slip-resistant surface. It’s ideal for both inside and outside applications.

Medici concrete coating is a multi-layer decorative coating system. It outlasts any acid stain or acrylic concrete coating available. The Medici concrete coating color system is ideal for inside and outside concrete surfaces. Medici concrete coating is easy to maintain and doesn’t require waxing or re-coating.

Metallic concrete coating is a durable, high-end flooring solution. It provides a pearlescent finish that’s luxurious and improves the appearance of any home or business. The Metallic concrete coating system is ideal for inside spaces.

Quartz concrete coating has extreme abrasion resistance. It meets OSHA slip resistance requirements. Quartz concrete coating is ideal for homes and industrial settings. It’s resistant to chemicals and heavy traffic.

Solid concrete coating is available in rich, vibrant colors. The Garage Force solid concrete coating can withstand heavy traffic and chemical exposure without chipping or fading.

Install: If you want a durable, beautiful concrete floor, it’s essential to choose a reputable concrete coating installer. At Garage Force, we proudly provide unprecedented service and exemplary workmanship. We’re proud to be the reason you love your floors.

Feel free to book an appointment today to learn more about protecting and beautifying your concrete flooring: 817-888-8474.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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