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Why protect concrete?

Concrete is permeable in nature and susceptible to degradation. It is porous and any liquid on top of the surface will be absorbed like a sponge. Coating your concrete can help to protect the surface. One of the benefits to a professionally installed multi-layer coating system is that liquids or other harmful agents will not penetrate down to the concrete surface, causing further damage. The surface of your newly coated concrete should be easy to keep clean. It should never need anything more strenuous than a damp mopping.

Constant exposure to the elements is likely to cause unsightly discolorations on the surface of uncoated concrete. With time, your garage, driveway, or patio begin to look older than they are. A multi-layer coating system will keep discoloration at bay and help block harmful UV rays. We offer a wide variety of coatings for any concrete space that offer the ultimate in UV stability.

It is natural to worry about cracks in your concrete in your garage or on your patio surface. The truth is that some cracks are inevitable. When your concrete surface is coated, the most crucial step in the installation process is the concrete preparation. We want to be sure we have a good rough and porous substrate. We want the concrete to grab hold of the first layer of the coating system. After we obtain the desired substrate texture and before we begin coating, any existing cracks or pitting need to be repaired. This helps to strengthen the concrete surface and mitigate further damage. The patented Polyurea product used in all the multi-layered systems offered by Garage Force will not crack as the concrete continues to move.

Let’s face it, concrete is ugly. It doesn’t have to be. Coating your concrete will improve the appearance of the whole space and makes it the extension of your home it was intended to be. We often hear how the homeowner began to use and enjoy the “new” space more than they ever had before.

Left unprotected concrete will continue to degrade and will eventually need to be replaced. A professionally installed multi-layered coating system will promote durability and prolong the life of the space. Protecting your investment is the best thing you can do for your home.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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