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The benefits of a concrete coating

What is a concrete coating anyway? It’s any liquid finish applied over concrete, whether it’s paint, cement overlay, epoxy or polyurea. Any concrete flooring in your home or business can be coated to fit your exact needs and style.

So, you’re still unsure you want to coat your concrete. Its benefits will make you think again!


Concrete coatings are remarkably resilient and don’t chip or crack like floor tiles. A premium coating product like polyurea is chemical and heat resistant and is not susceptible to hot tire peel. The patented polyurea used by Garage Force is 20x stronger than epoxy, UV stable and VOC compliant. Whether you’re looking at the floor in your garage, patio, entryway, warehouse, or office, consider a floor that can stand up to all sorts of pressures. A concrete coating is a cost-effective solution and is possibly the toughest option for any commercial space.

Low Maintenance

A professionally installed coating forms a seamless finish that won’t harbor pet dander, bacteria, or dust. It’s easy to clean too! Just a mop and a mild cleaning agent, such as Dawn dishwashing soap, will keep your floor looking new. Most concrete coatings will need routine sealing or waxing every 6-12 months and be completely refurbished every two to fifteen years. If you choose a polyurea based solution, your concrete coating can easily last throughout the lifetime of your property.


Turn your slick, slippery unfinished concrete floor into a slip-resistant space by finishing it with a non-slip coating solution. Use it in the high traffic areas of your home and stop fretting about young children, or the elderly, taking a spill. Use a premium non-slip coating, like polyurea, to ensure your workplace complies with OSHA regulations offering safe footing in your work environment.


One of the most significant benefits of concrete coating is its virtually unlimited design options to match any taste and style. Interior designers and architects appreciate the ultimate design freedom offered when choosing a concrete coating solution.

Remember a concrete coating isn’t only for the garage.  Don’t forget about the rest of your home or office. A concrete coating is perfect for a retail space, restaurant or warehouse environment. Are you ready to reap the benefits of a premium concrete coating?

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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