Thursday, September 28, 2023

Take it outside

As we usher in the summer, we conjure up images of our families gathering around the backyard, laughing, playing games, and enjoying the labors of the grill master. Creating a welcoming space can change the way you think about getting together with friends and family.

Here are some things to consider as you plan for your outdoor space.

Purpose: The first thing to consider is how the outdoor space will be used. Ask yourself these questions and remember with the right planning your space can serve multiple purposes.

  • Do you like to BBQ, and do you enjoy dining outside?
  • Do you like to entertain?
  • Are you looking for a quiet place to unwind?
  • Does your space need to be kid or pet friendly?

Surroundings & Environment: Make the most of the views your property has to offer — position a small sitting area where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with the sunrise or cocktails at sunset. Make note of the prevailing wind direction and time of day. You may find that is still in one area of your space, while breezy in others. It wouldn’t be ideal for your plan to put a dining table in the breezy part of your space. Strategically placed hedges can offer a windbreak, as well as hide unpleasant views. Consider providing shade from the afternoon sun.  Umbrellas, covered patios, or trees can take the bite out of a hot summer day by providing shelter from the heat or the occasional passing summer shower.

Foundation & Ambiance: Your outdoor furniture choice will likely serve multiple purposes – dining, relaxing and entertaining.  Select furniture that is comfortable and practical for outdoor use, weather resistance and washable. Use pillows and cushions to bring your style outside. Consider coating your patio floor. At Garage Force we offer a wide variety of low maintenance coating solutions in a variety of color pallets to add beauty to your outdoor living space. Consider a water feature. The sight and sound of flowing water have been proven to enhance relaxation and lower blood pressure. Just the suggestion of water can have an impact.

At Garage Force we can help you with the perfect flooring solution to make your outdoor space the perfect extension of your home. Call 817-888-8474.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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