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Man Cave — Make it your space, Dad!

Man caves come in all shapes and sizes. Whether the space is a designated room in your home or in the garage, the man cave is your space. Man caves provide you with the freedom to express who you are. But before you get too crazy, ask yourself, and answer, these questions.

What are you passionate about?

You need to identify what you love, second only to your family, of course! Do you have a favorite sports team? Do you love music? Is your passion auto racing? Fishing, poker, golf, or gaming? Or do you hop on your steel horse, pick a direction, and go? Whatever your passion, go with it. It will drive every decision about your man cave you make going forward.

Who will use your man cave?

Is this a place for you and your buddies to watch the big games? Is poker night at your place? How about Family Game Night? Or perhaps a relaxing game of pool to enjoy with your significant other. Knowing the answers to this question will determine the furniture you will need in your man cave.

If a table is needed, choose one that is multi-functional, so that you can have poker night or family game night in the same space. Think about seating. Do you need a sectional? If your space cannot accommodate a sectional, consider a few lounge chairs or recliners or maybe bar stools.


Whether it is a designated room inside the home or in the garage, it is probably the only room in the house where you will have complete design control, or at the very least significant input. Make it your space.

At Garage Force we can help you with the perfect flooring solution to give you the foundation for your dream man cave.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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