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Polyurea is the best choice for your garage floor

Garage Force’s concrete coating is easy to maintain, slip-resistant, durable, and resistant to abrasion, impacts and chemicals.

By Celeste Waldroop, Garage Force DFW North West

When folks think of a garage floor coating, the first thing that comes to mind is epoxy. And it’s no wonder, it been around for decades. But is there something better? Of course there is. IT’S POLYUREA!

Roughly 40 years ago polyurea, as we know it today, arrived and became known for its strength and durability making it an ideal coating solution in the industrial community. The original spray-on application with its drastically reduced cure time quickly became a preferred coating for such projects as manhole and tunnel coatings, tank liners and truck bed liners. In the early 1980’s polyurea was used in the manufacturing of automobile parts, such as bumpers for the Camaro and Trans Am. It has only been within the last decade that polyurea has emerged as a preferred choice for a concrete coating within the home environment.

That’s neat, but WHY is Polyurea better than epoxy?

SUPERIOR STRENGTH: Polyurea has a highly elastic characteristic and will accommodate expansion, contraction and relative movement within concrete without cracking.

QUICK CURE RATES: Polyurea cures in a matter of hours and is ready for heavy traffic use within 24 hours.

UV STABLE: Polyurea is 100% UV resistant and will not fade or discolor. This characteristic makes polyurea an ideal solution for outdoor projects, in addition to garages.

RESISTANCE AND STABILITY: Polyurea is resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and moisture. It is impervious to salts, oils, automotive fluids, and grease.

ARTISTIC VARIETY: Epoxy simply can’t compete with the versatility, durability, and beauty of a polyurea floor. At Garage Force we offer a wide variety of coating solutions: Full Chip, Stone Series, Medici, Metallic, Quartz & Solid Color. Our Full Chip solution is available in many chip sizes with an endless pallet of colors, each offering a distinctive finish and appearance. Our Medici and our Metallic floor systems provide a unique and sophisticated look while providing the durability to withstand heavy foot traffic.

NEED HELP:  Don’t let the word “Garage” in the name mislead you into thinking we only offer coatings for garages. All our systems are ideal for any residential or commercial space. If you need help evaluating your space, don’t hesitate to contact us at (817) 888-8474.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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