Friday, December 8, 2023

Foodie Friday: Philly Pretzel Factory

We’ll be honest, we didn’t know that a soft pretzel from Philly is different from other soft pretzels, but after visiting Philly Pretzel Factory in Flower Mound, now we know! The ingredients are different, the prep is different, and even the way they’re twisted is different. And the pretzels at Philly Pretzel Factory even contain 14g of protein!

The owner of Philly Pretzel Factory in Flower Mound, Joe Izganics, gave us a great lesson on what it is that makes these pretzels different and showed us all the different ways they’re able to utilize and showcase their pretzels. And he grew up eating them just about every day in Philly, so if you’re going to have anyone teach you about authentic Philly pretzels, Joe’s who you want!

At Philly Pretzel Factory, you’ll (of course) find the traditional Philly soft pretzel. You can buy them in multiples and, according to Joe, can be frozen/refrigerated and reheated like a charm. You can also purchase them by the tray-ful – perfect for parties, watching your favorite game with friends, etc.

They’ve also got some great speciality items like their Spicy Pretzel Sausage Dogs, Cinnamon Rivets, Pepperoni Melts, and (our favorite) the Mini Cheesesteaks.

We love that we’ve got a place here in Flower Mound, Texas serving up authentic Philly pretzels. And since they opened in late 2020, Joe and his team have done a great job of converting those unfamiliar with Philly pretzels while also bringing a little bit of home to all of our Northeastern transplants.

Be sure to stop in soon to visit Joe, his son, and his team at Philly Pretzel Factory. And get yourself some of those Mini Cheesesteaks!

*Philly Pretzel Factory Flower Mound is located at 2311 Cross Timbers Rd Ste 304, Flower Mound TX 75028.

Jay Marks
Jay Marks
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