Foodie Friday: Green Truck Cafe

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A chef-driven menu with craft coffee at its center – that’s what you’ll find at the new Green Truck Cafe in Lewisville. This third-wave coffee shop is called Green Truck Cafe because, well, there’s a green farm truck parked right inside (perfect Instagram photo op!), which is mean to evoke that farm-to-table feeling that inspires their menu.

Green Truck Cafe has worked with roasters to source freshly-roasted coffee that is ground-to-order in their machines which are perfectly-calibrated to give you the best cup of coffee possible.

Even their “regular” coffee isn’t at all “regular.” It’s brewed in a special machine called Ground Control which is specially-designed to give you coffee with the fullest amount of flavor without any of the bitter or sour notes that come with other styles of brewing coffee.

In addition to a cup of black coffee, you can also order espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and loose leaf teas. Or if you’re not a coffee drinker, you can choose one of their floats made with gelato, sodas on tap, hot chocolate, or kombucha.

And, yes, while Green Truck Cafe does take great pride in their coffee, they do also have some incredible breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items as well! Their cases are always well-stocked with delicious housemade pastries, or you can order off their full menu. Some of their signature dishes include: the Green Truck Benedict, the Good Morning Flatbread, the Green Truck Burger, the SW Butternut Squash Chowder, and the Green Truck Spicy Fried Chicken.

Green Truck Cafe is basically a world-class coffee bar with a full-fledged restaurant attached to it with dishes created and prepared by an expertly-trained chef. And it’s the perfect place to come for breakfast with the family, a business meeting, or to camp out for the day and get some school or work assignments done.

So, go visit Green Truck Cafe across the street from Lewisville High School and enjoy all the world-class coffee and food they have to offer!

*Green Truck Cafe is located at 1108 W Main St, Lewisville TX 75067.

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