Foodie Friday: Food for a cause at Dido’s Urban Grill

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I think by now we all know how much I love our local restaurant owners and all they bring to our community. But I especially love when they create opportunities for us to come together as a community and support a special cause.


That being said, this week we want to highlight Dido’s Urban Grill in Flower Mound and their efforts to support the Flower Mound “Santa Cops” initiative by hosting Santa Cops Day on Wednesday, December 16th. Stop in next Wednesday for lunch or dinner as they’ll be donating 10% of their sales to Santa Cops, as well as collecting cash donations and gift cards.

But what I think is really neat is how Santa Cops Day even came into existence. Ernie DiDominick originally contacted the Town with the idea to do something for the Egger family, whose house caught on fire in Bridlewood a few weeks ago. The Eggers were appreciative of the gesture but suggested Dido’s do something for the police and fire departments who helped them in their time of need instead. But then Mike Baldree, a Flower Mound firefighter, suggested they do something to support Santa Cops.

I stopped in for lunch today just to say hello to Ernie and his son – chef and owner – Gary DiDominick. And I’d love to tell you about some wonderful dishes to try while you’re there supporting a great cause next Wednesday!

We started out with some of their shrimp deviled eggs which were the perfect combination of creamy and salty.


Then I had one of their new featured items – the House Made Sausage – which is a sausage made in the restaurant with pork, bourbon and maple and then is accompanied by a jalapeno Latke, a poached egg and baby greens. All of the flavors combined made for the perfect bite! And the sausage was rich but delicious.


We also tried their Scottish Salmon served with a roasted apple risotto, a ginger foam and a shaved apple salad. Absolutely fresh and amazing!


Feel free to get your weekend started early today and stop by Dido’s to celebrate YIFF Day (“Yeah, It’s Finally Friday) where they’re offering $1.00 off all wines and beers by the glass until 7:00pm.


Ultimately, the entire DiDominick family just wants to express how appreciative they are of how warm and welcoming the Flower Mound community has been – they already feel at home here thanks to the supportive residents of our community! And they also look forward to participating in more community events like next week’s fundraiser for Santa Cops!

Here’s to eating for a cause, Foodies! Hope you have a great weekend full of delicious food.

*Dido’s Urban Grill is located at 1900 Long Prairie Rd, Flower Mound.

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