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Foodie Friday: Heart, Experience And Passion


I’ve been fielding phone calls and questions for months regarding when the highly-anticipated restaurant, The Table, would open its doors here in Flower Mound. And if you’re not already aware, they just celebrated their official opening on Tuesday! I had the opportunity to attend a sneak peek at the restaurant last weekend where I met the owners and sampled some of their incredible dishes. And then I brought our whole team back this week so everyone could experience the greatness that is The Table.


Owner and Flower Mound resident, Bruce Wills, and the rest of his team have created a marvelous atmosphere for their patrons – everything has a sort of rustic feel to it and Bruce loves the idea that everything in his restaurant will “age gracefully” over time like the unsealed copper bar top that will continue to change the more it’s used.


I really enjoyed getting to sit down with Bruce and discuss his journey from working for others in the restaurant business to finally realizing his childhood dream of opening his own restaurant. Bruce has a wealth of restaurant experience, and great experience at that! He served as a GM for Wolfgang Puck in Vegas for 12 years before moving here to Dallas to work as the GM at Wolfgang’s restaurant in Reunion Tower, Five Sixty.

And in addition to his own experience in the business, he’s also made smart decisions in who he’s chosen to help him realize this dream. His partners and team members bring some incredible experience to “The Table” as well. (See what I did there?)

Chef Ray Skradzinski also worked for Wolfgang Puck, with 11 years in Atlantic City and then as the executive sous chef at Five Sixty. Ray was able to refine his skills at Wolfgang and now has the opportunity to combine those skills with some of his own passions and inspirations to create wonderful new dishes at The Table.


Bruce’s brother, Daniel, serves as the restaurant’s Beverage Manager and has created some inventive cocktail recipes, including The Lawrence which is named after one of their grandfathers. It’s made with a Buffalo Trace Bourbon, House-made syrup, cranberry and lemon juices.

And Bruce’s other partner is a friend he made through his son’s baseball team – Ty Welborne. Ty brings some great business experience with him and has proved essential in getting the logistics of opening The Table’s doors in order.


I could go on and on and on about what makes this restaurant and the team behind it so great and such a wonderful addition to Flower Mound, but I think you guys are probably ready to hear about some of their food, right?

Because they’ve only been open a few days, The Table is currently serving a limited menu and then plan to roll out the full menu once they’ve been open and operating for a bit. But the stuff they had on their lunch menu the day we went was incredible, so I didn’t mind one bit!

We started off with their Arugula Salad topped with dried figs and toasted pine nuts as well as (my personal favorite) the Crispy Aranchi which are balls of creamy truffle risotto, herbs, field mushrooms and a Parmesan herb aioli. The mushrooms combined with the truffle offer up a perfect earthiness to balance out the creaminess. The night of the private event I actually followed the hors d’oeuvres server around to keep grabbing more…


Then we tried out a couple of The Table’s flatbreads – the Fennel Sausage and the Broccolini. My personal favorite of the two was the Fennel Sausage. I loved the slight heat from the sausage combined with the creaminess of the goat cheese. But the Broccolini was delicious as well – just beware of the heat! This thing has got some serious red chili flavor!


We ordered so much food while we were there, but everything just sounded so good! So, we also tried out their House Special BLT (which was made with the thickest bacon I’ve ever seen!) and The Table Burger made with 10oz of ground brisket.


One of the things I loved about everything we ate was that it all had such a distinct flavor profile – nothing tasted the same as anything else and I loved having that variety through our meal.

I cannot wait to head back soon for dinner so I can try out some of their dinner-menu dishes like their house-made schnitzel or their pierogies which are a Polish crispy potato dumpling filled with Texas cheddar, chives and sour cream. They’re Chef Ray’s specialty, inspired by his own Polish and German heritage.


And there’s also the Bone-In Rib Eye “Steak Fritz” served over “Beef Fat” potato wedges and topped with a bleu cheese butter. Yeah, that looks delicious.


I’m not sure even in 800 words I can express how great The Table is and what a great addition they are to Flower Mound. I truly love that we have put ourselves on the DFW restaurant map with restaurants like this one opened by residents who live right here in our town!

So, all I can do is encourage you to get out there and give The Table a try for yourself! It’s the perfect place to meet new friends or spend time with loved ones – all while enjoying some delicious food in a beautiful and comfortable environment.

Stay dry and eat well this weekend, Foodies!

*The Table is located at 3701 Justin Rd., #150, Flower Mound, TX 75028.


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