Foodie Friday: Light and healthy eating at Twelve Stones

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With my recent effort of eating healthier, I had to head back to my favorite local restaurant, Twelve Stones, this week to try out some of their light and healthy menu items to add to my regular eating repertoire.

Chef David Burdick even let us try out some of his newest dishes including a dessert that doesn’t even have a name yet! It was a lemon panna cotta topped with a blueberry jelly (say it with a French accent – it makes it more authentic). And while it may not have a name yet, I can tell you that it was incredibly elegant and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!


My wife and I each started out with one of Twelve Stones incredibly fresh salads. Jay’s Healthy Choice this week was their Radish Salad topped with cured watermelon radish, black radish, cucumber, mache, scallions and a sesame-balsamic vinaigrette. I LOVE this salad and could absolutely make a meal out of just this. If I could have Chef David come to my office and make it every day for lunch, I would.

And my wife also loved her Mixed Greens Salad made up of fresh local greens, candied pecans, tomato and gouda with an orange-balsamic vinaigrette.


For an entree I had their Market Fish which was an Atlantic Char grilled to perfection served with a potato con fit.


Every time I go back to Twelve Stones I’m amazed at what incredible and delicious new dishes Chef David has been able to create. And I was not disappointed at all on this occasion.

No matter if you’re celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or if you just want a nice evening out, Twelve Stones is the perfect local spot to enjoy a quiet and delicious evening. We saw several people there celebrating special occasions and Twelve Stones works hard to make every experience at their restaurant special.


I love Chef David, his staff and his restaurant – and if after all of my posts about how incredible Twelve Stones is, you still haven’t tried it out, shame on you. And get out there this weekend to enjoy some light and healthy eating!

Have a great one, Foodies!


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