Foodie Friday: Twelve Stones to be featured on small screen

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This week we headed back to one of our all-time favorite Foodie Friday locations for lunch – Twelve Stones. I love that I can enjoy their awesome menu for lunch AND dinner now.

They’ve been open for lunch for a little over a month and the lunch crowd continues to grow, which Chef David is very excited about.

We especially wanted to head over this week because Chef David Burdick and his fabulous team will be featured on this week’s episode of “Local Fare” on TXA 21. The premise of the show is for three diners to nominate their favorite local restaurant and then all three diners try out all the restaurants nominated and have a roundtable to discuss pros and cons of each restaurant. Then they ultimately vote on which restaurant of the three was best.

Fingers crossed Twelve Stones wins! To watch this week’s episode, just tune into TXA 21 this Sunday, June 1 at 9:30pm. Such an awesome opportunity for Chef David and his crew.

I also want to tell you how AMAZING Twelve Stones’ lunch menu is.

For our appetizer course, Chef David chose a few of his favorites and surprised us with them. And what he chose for us did not disappoint. We enjoyed some fried avocado wedges with a creamy jalapeno dipping sauce, fried green tomatoes and hummus. All of them were incredible, but I think our favorite had to be the fried avocado. The avocado had an incredible creamy texture and stayed surprisingly firm for being fried!

Then Chef David let us each choose our main course (but suggested at least one of us try the Reuben Sandwich). I ended up going with the Reuben (surprise), and it was the BEST Reuben sandwich I’ve ever had. I don’t even love sauerkraut that much, but I was totally fine with eating it on this sandwich.

And I have to tell you about the HOUSE MADE PASTRAMI they use to make the sandwich (yes, I said HOUSE MADE). They take brisket and pickle it for 6 days, then they put their house made rub on it and cook and steam it for a few hours until it’s the perfect pastrami. I didn’t even know you could make your own pastrami! But I sure am glad that Chef David and his team do make their own because it was incredible.

Our new buyer’s agent, Traci, ordered the soup of the day which was a cream of corn soup and a wedge salad. I had a couple of tastes of the soup and loved it so much I ended up ordering a bowl for myself! I think my exact words when I tasted it were “This is ridiculous” and “Good grief.” The texture was so smooth and the flavor was incredible. If you go and they’re serving this soup, you HAVE to try it out.

Kari ordered the turkey and avocado club sandwich. This was house-smoked turkey breast on a marble rye bread with fresh avocado slices, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, a fresh citrus aioli and dijon. The citrus ailoi really set this club apart from other sandwiches – it added a wonderful yet subtle brightness to the turkey, bacon and avocado.

Basically what I’m saying is that you MUST try out Twelve Stones’ new lunch menu. And if you haven’t been back for dinner in a while, you should check out the new dinner menu as well! Twelve Stones serves a truly seasonal menu that changes every 3 months – they’ll be debuting the next new menu mid-July.

I’ve said it before, but I love that we have a place we can experience fine dining locally. Twelve Stones is the perfect place for business lunch meetings, birthday lunches and anniversary dinners. Or you can just go to enjoy some awesome food with friends. And you don’t have to head to Downtown Dallas or Ft. Worth to get it.

I didn’t even get a chance to tell you about the fabulous drink and dessert menus (note: I did not drink the martini – but it is beautiful, no?).

Help support Chef David and Twelve Stones as they continue to grow and don’t forget to tune into Local Fare this Sunday at 9:30pm!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend full of great food, Foodies!

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