Foodie Friday: Dolce Italian Cafe & Bakery

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So, I had a friend who posted a picture of the most delicious-looking tiramisu earlier this week and I immediately asked her where she got it from. Lucky for me, it was from one of Flower Mound’s newer bakeries, Dolce Italian Cafe & Bakery over off of FM 407 and Morriss.

If you haven’t already tried this place out, I recommend that you do. I can almost guarantee your mouth will start watering the moment you walk in because the desserts, pastries and breads look AMAZING. I left with some scrumptious chocolate cake (the manager told me the name of it about 3 times, but I couldn’t pronounce it and am not going to attempt to here) and something called “The Little Drum” that has cheesecake and chocolate. They also have just about any kind of bread you could want including challah, focaccia, ciabatta and olive bread.

If you’re looking for a new lunch spot, Dolce is great for that as well with its menu of salads, paninis and pizzas.

Or if you’re looking for a unique coffee shop, they have some pretty cool-looking cappuccino-makers and make their espresso in-house. Since I’m not a coffee-drinker myself, I can’t provide a review about that, but feel free to go check it out for yourself and report back to me!

I’ve only begun to explore this place and can’t wait to try out more things in the future. If you have any recommendations, feel free to let me know what menu item I should try next!

And be sure to check back here next Friday for another Foodie Friday review!

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