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Lantana teenager attacked, injured by 7 teens

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Copeland Farr, 18, of Lantana, was assaulted by seven teenagers Tuesday night after a fight broke out while playing basketball at the Lantana South Community Center. (Photo courtesy of Sabrina Farr)

A Lantana teenager is recovering at home after seven other teenagers ganged up on him during a game of pickup basketball on Tuesday night.

Copeland Farr, 18, was playing basketball at the Lantana South Community Center with his 15-year-old brother, Scotland, and two other 15-year-old boys, when a group of teenagers they had never seen before showed up, said Sabrina Farr, Copeland and Scotland’s mother.

The Lantana kids and the other group — who are believed to be Lewisville High School students — began playing basketball together. At one point, Scotland told one of the other kids, “Great defense.” Though he meant it genuinely, apparently it came across as sarcastic.

“The other kid started cussing him out and saying, ‘You wanna fight?'” Sabrina Farr said.

Copeland stepped in front of his younger brother and pushed the other boy, Sabrina said, That prompted the seven unknown teenagers to attack. They chased Copeland down and ganged up on him, seven against one.

Scotland (left) and Copeland Farr.

Copeland received lacerations to the face, a broken nose and will likely need surgery on his arm, Sabrina said.

Captain Orlando Hinojosa, a Denton County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said law enforcement was called about 8:15 p.m. Tuesday to the incident. He confirmed that a group of seven or eight teenagers allegedly ganged up on the victim, and that they are believed to be Lewisville High School students. They fled before authorities arrived. Deputies are still investigating the fight.

Copeland is a “tough kid” who is trained in mixed martial arts, Sabrina said, and that helped him escape without even more severe injuries.

“In a way, I’m glad he was there to protect the three 15-year-old boys,” Sabrina Farr said. “[The other kids] were looking for a fight. That’s not normal aggression.”

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About The Author

Mark Smith

Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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  1. robintexas

    As seems to be normal for newspapers these days. The Cross Timber Gazette reports that one of the parties involved is Hispanic, yet do not mention the race of others?

    Understanding the liberal narrative, and going with the theme of political correctness, we can assume they were black. WHY? Because had a gang of white kids attacked a Hispanic or other minority the paper would clearly say Gang of whites attack Hispanic youth.

    THAT is a sad commentary on both the honesty of the reporting, and the state of race relations in our area today…

    We need to do much better, because this type of reporting only partial facts, when the facts are known is NOT helping, it actually harms race relations, and inflames racial mistrust….

  2. Luman Walters

    Wow. 7 teenagers ganged up on him and that’s all the damage they could do? Were they 7 disabled teenagers? This kid looks amazing for having 7 people gang up on him.

    1. robintexas

      Did you miss the part where the article says the young man is trained in martial arts? I would suspect THAT is why is was able to defend himself and others. Though as the article also states he does have injuries.

      1. Sabrina Denton

        Yes multiple they will atleast need 1 surgery if not 2! He actually was not using any of his training cause he wasn’t trying to fight to begin with, he was blocking and trying to get free to grab my 15 Yr old son as he friend and get out of there to call police. This has changed our lives! Multiple people put their hands on my baby! They beat him and they have entered our personal safe space! I have not even had to put my hands on my child how dare these things think they can! The main question why were they 30-40 min away from their area and coming into a private far out neighborhood that is private amenities!? That in itself says a lot!

      1. Sabrina Denton

        He missed obviously my son has broken nose in several places an well broken bones in hand and along side of arm, lip was busted open. The hospital actually cleaned all the blood they could off his arms, face and his legs and shoes had blood all over them before I took this picture. It was HIS BLOOD SINCE THE 7 cowards had no injuries and 1 sat and watched. So yah he obviously is sick and twisted.

        1. Drew Spencer

          Read more carefully next time. It was NOT the mother who was disappointed that the injuries were not greater – it was some guy named Walters. It was the mother who agreed with my assessment and even paraphrased me when she said, “So yah he obviously is sick and twisted.” Also, mothers don’t tend to usually be referred to with the pronoun “he”. Reading is fundamental.

    1. Julie Gibbs Heuer

      At least two (but it was reported all of them) were Lewisville High football players. Two have come forward saying they were involved but haven’t given the names of the other cowards.

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