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Forest: Council needs return to civility

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Claudio Forest

At the last Flower Mound Town Council meeting, long-time resident Carol Kohankie reprimanded the majority of Council, including my opponent, for their ongoing unprofessional behavior. (She thanked Council Members Kevin Bryant and Jason Webb for their professionalism in spite of the questionable behavior of all the others.)

Unfortunately, Mrs. Kohankie is right. Petty squabbles and misrepresentation of facts have become all too common. In the last month, I’ve wondered if the Town needs to implement a seven-second delay during broadcasts of meetings to censor them for language as well as behavior.

Since 2015, it seems that council members have allowed their personal grievances against each other, specific residents and others that have business with the Town to, at times, dominate and derail Council meetings. This reflects badly on Flower Mound and makes completing the business of the Town unnecessarily difficult and somewhat contentious.

It should go without saying that Council members should behave civilly and represent the Town of Flower Mound professionally. Council members don’t have to like each other or be expected to agree with every issue, but they do need to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of the responsibility that residents have given them.

Contrast raucous Council meetings with fairly calm and orderly Planning and Zoning Commission meetings during this same time frame. The rare disruption is dealt with quickly and courteously by the Chair and/or Vice Chair. As a commission member and the elected Chair of Planning and Zoning, it is my duty to lead by example and I am proud of the Planning and Zoning Commission’s reputation for being civil, fair minded and welcoming to all.

I’m running for Flower Mound Town Council to replace one of the council members Mrs. Kohankie reprimanded for his lack of manners and professionalism as a council member. The criticism was well deserved. His attendance records, his misleading statements, the crude accusations he levels at council members and residents that he disagrees with are not reflective of the values of our community.

I ask for your vote for Flower Mound Town Council Place 5 to restore civility, integrity and professionalism to Council, put an end to residents being disappointed in their Council’s behavior and make sure decisions are made that are in the best interest of all of Flower Mound.

Claudio Forest

Candidate for Town Council, Place 5
Flower Mound, TX

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  1. Mark

    You don’t know if Forest even knows Bryan Webb? Do you actually live in Flower Mound? Forest would not even be on P&Z if it was not for Bryan Webb! The tangled web of the powers that run this Town from behind the seen has long tentacles. We have seen for years now, how those beholding to Bryan, have voted in lock step with Bryan and allow his behavior. Nothing Forest has done on P&Z has shown he will be and independent voice for the people of Flower Mound. He is a good man, but we need independent voices and thinkers. We already have too many Yes males!

  2. reallyreallyfm

    Mark, I don’t think you’ve met Mr. Forest. You don’t have to be loud or disrespectful to put Webb in his place. Go back to when Gelbman was on P&Z attacking residents and commission members and watch. Taken care of without raising a voice, resorting to names or shaming anyone. No idea if Webb and Forest even know each other. Forest is a class act that is a definite upgrade from Gelbman.

  3. Mark

    Is this a paid advertisement or just a puff piece? To think any endorsed by Bryan Webb and who supports Bryan Webb is calling for a return to civility is laughable. No one in the history of the rough and tumble politics of the Town has ever been more of a jerk then Bryan. No one has ever dropped the f-bomb more, bullied residents and fellow Council members more then Bryan. Bryan is an absolute disgrace to the Town and to all who reside here. Who backs Bryan and his behavior on Council and further back his behavior of bullying residents a further backs his lack of adult decorum at Council meetings?, the same long time residents who now call for civility and of course Claudio Forest! See, if you really want better behavior from elected Town Officials, then you have to be able to call out your friends. Mr Forest is not going to stand up to Bryan. He is going to be another, too weak Councilperson, who will continue to let Bryan be Bryan, which is a complete jerk! It would be nice to have some new faces, some new ideas and some new behavior on Town Council. Electing another person who is weak minded, weak in spirit and weak in moral backbone is not what Flower Mound needs. We need real leadership, someone who will stand up for Town citizens against the attacks of Bryan Webb. A person who will admonish the bad behavior, the bad language and the outright bullying of Town residents, by Bryan. Mr Forest is too close a friend and too aligned with Bryan to serve this Town well. Please vote against anyone endorsed by Bryan Webb. Flower Mound deserves better and we deserve people who will act like adults on Town Council!

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