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Technology makes Avanti the smart, new kid on the block

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Carolyn Larsen poses between her mother and daughter, Jenny Weel, for a family photo.

Excitement is building as Avanti Senior Living at Flower Mound prepares to welcome its first resident. The 77,000-square-foot, $15 million community is already making a big impression on adult children and their parents.

Avanti Senior Living at Flower Mound defies stereotypes and offers resort-style living with concierge services – a technologically savvy approach to health care with unique lifestyle options customized to each resident.

Carolyn Larsen, the daughter of a soon-to-be resident, was intrigued by the development when she first learned about it, and she is anxious for the community to open in the first quarter of 2017. As an adult child, she spent a lot of time researching and reviewing options, which can be a challenging task.

“Avanti certainly put more thought into partnering and communicating with the families of the seniors they serve,” said Larsen. “We want our mother to live in a place where we know she is being cared for, and through the technology that Avanti has brought to the table, we will connect with her in more ways than one. Technology had the strongest appeal in our family’s decision of where my mom should move.

“Avanti is incredibly forward-thinking, and incorporates technology into the care of the residents and the design of the community. For starters, each resident will have medical history and personal notes available via electronic health care records that can be updated in real-time. Nurses will use an integrated system to update these records by recording changes in health, crossing off assisted living tasks as they are completed, logging participation in activities and more. We as a family can request access to this information at any time.”

The integrated system, Point of Care, gives team members access to resident profiles, care assessments, reminders, calendars, health care records, daily tasks, grooming schedules, transfer schedules, photos and logs of visitors. Point of Care also documents changes that pertain to the residents or out-of-the-ordinary requests for services, ensuring that personalized care plans are adjusted as needed. It also tracks who visits and allows team members to schedule additional services. Avanti team members can even share the health care records with hospitals, clinicians and doctors, making the admissions and discharge processes more efficient.

“Our mom is at a higher risks for falls at this point in her life, and for us safety has been our main concern,” said Larsen. “She is living with dementia and has already fallen a few times before. In addition, she is prone to infections. We want the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone will be checking on her regularly and that every detail will be logged using this technology. I want to rely on the care partners to keep me informed, and with Avanti’s system, I truly believe this will be possible.”

A few minutes can make a critical difference when it comes to responding to a senior in need. If a nurse fails to act quickly when a senior reaches out, the resident may be at risk for any number of dangerous situations, and the chance for falling increases because a resident may try to act independently even though they need extra help. With an all-encompassing electronic health care record-keeping system and its nurse call system, Notify, Avanti Senior Living at Flower Mound nurses will have the tools necessary to answer calls in eight minutes or less, and nurses will have all the information they need on mobile devices.

“Point of Care ensures accountability for resident care and allows nurses to update and review data in electronic health care records and receive resident calls via the Notify system,” said Vicki Lee King, executive director of Avanti Senior Living at Flower Mound. “The system is paperless and makes more efficient use of team members’ time so they can devote themselves to resident care. This industry is ever-changing, and we need to think outside the box to provide a truly individualized experience for our residents. They are our priority, and we want to utilize everything we can to ensure that their needs are not only met, but fulfilled in a timely manner.”

In addition to utilizing this technology, Avanti will systematically place device charging stations and outlets in common areas to ensure that residents and guests can conveniently charge all their mobile devices. In addition, RFID keyless entries will allow residents to enter and exit their suites without worrying about carrying their keys. WiFi will be available throughout the entire community for residents, their guests and team members.

“We have faith that this is going to be an excellent transition for her, and I feel confident that she will develop friendships with her neighbors, enjoy the planned activities and feel comfortable in her new residence. We are excited for her to make this move,” said Larsen.

“Beyond the technology, she’ll actually eat delicious food from their restaurant, Taste, and she’ll have options other than a sandwich. We don’t want her in a place that serves one thing with a ‘Sorry Charlie’ attitude if she doesn’t like it. We will be able to dine there with her and enjoy what is being prepared by the community’s chef. We’ll also get mani/pedis with her and use other services available in the wellness spa. This is really exciting, as she won’t have to leave the community for her routine beauty needs.

“Her best friend is moving in with her, and I believe that will help with the transition significantly. Avanti has done an excellent job of giving its community the best residential atmosphere possible, and I can’t wait for them to open.”

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