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Foodie Friday: A Taste of Brazil in Lakeside DFW

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I love when new restaurants open up in the Flower Mound area, and I especially love when something unique and different comes to town! Something like the new Carvao Prime Brazilian Steak House that just opened its doors last week in Lakeside DFW! This week I had the chance to sit down and visit with the whole management team to learn what makes Carvao different from other Brazilian steak houses and what they’re looking forward to bringing to Flower Mound Foodies.



Owner, Paulo Novaes, might be one of my new favorite people – he is a 15-year resident of Flower Mound and is passionate about a lot of things which have all ultimately led him to discover his dream of opening his own Brazilian restaurant. Paulo is a native of Brazil and has spent the past 40 years perfecting his own Churrasco-style recipes (mostly as bragging rights to his friends to prove his food is better than theirs). And even Carvao’s chef who has 30 years of experience working in Brazilian steak houses agrees that Paulo has come up with some great recipes! So, I’d say that’s quite the compliment!



Paulo has also worked hard over the past couple of years to surround himself with only the best and most experienced staff, including two managers who have decades of experience in the Brazilian-restaurant business between them. As we mentioned before, his chef has 30 years of experience. And he also brought in wait staff from all over  – New York, Florida and Brazil – to work for him.

What else makes Carvao so unique? Well, they are the only Brazilian steak house in Denton County who prepare their food using a charcoal grill, something they say gives their food a unique and delicious taste. In fact, “carvao” actually means charcoal in Portugese, so it’s clearly something Paulo and his staff think makes them stick out from the crowd.

They also pride themselves on continuing to innovate and create, always trying to stay modern and serve their customers in the best way possible. For example, they have a private room which can seat up to 100 people and which can easily accommodate your multimedia needs with all the latest technology, including Apple TV. This would make Carvao a great option for a business event or a wedding rehearsal dinner – just saying!


Just talking to Paulo and his staff got me so excited to try out their food. If you’ve never been to a restaurant like this before, allow me to explain a little bit about what it’s like. There’s a salad bar where you can choose from all kinds of delicious salad toppings as well as some hot items. Carvao’s salad bar has 64 items including hot dishes like mashed potatoes and lobster bisque (hello, delicious!).






In addition to the delicious salad bar, the servers also bring around various cuts of meat served gaucho-style, meaning they come around with gigantic skewers and slice the meat directly onto your plate. Does it get any better than that?? Carvao currently serves 18 cuts of meat and they are working on a couple of unique cuts that they hope to add to the menu in the next month or so.


They also have a gorgeous wine room which features over 100 labels, all of which you may choose from to pair with your dinner.



I’m thrilled to put this place in the Jay Marks dinner rotation and would definitely encourage you to head out and give them a try! They open up at 5:00pm Monday-Sunday and currently have Grand Opening Special Pricing throughout the month of October. You can make reservations through Open Table if you’d like or you can give the restaurant a call at 972-539-8555.

Paulo and his entire staff at Carvao are grateful for all the support they’ve received as they’ve prepared to open and since opening their doors last week. And the one message Paulo wanted us to deliver to all of you was, “Let us share the experience with you.”

Eating at Carvao is truly a wonderful dining experience from the beautiful surroundings to the delicious food to the incredible staff. I’m so excited for you all to go and try it for yourself!

Have a great time, Foodies!

Jay Marks updates the Foodie Friday blog each week. Read more at

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